Ronin Cho – Alone Together (VIDEO)

London-based artist Ronin Cho explores the effect of technology on the quality of life. His work ‘Alone Together’, presented at the 2011 New Sensations exhibition for Saatchi, is an electric chair with two translucent cast arms strapped onto it, one of which holds a smartphone. The sculpture has a mobile phone detector, which triggers electrocution. When people around the sculpture use their mobile phones (receiving/sending messages, emails, phone calls), the detector captures the signal and the vibrator starts running as simulating the sound and vibration of the electric execution.


Byclipse – a short by VM Project (VIDEO)

This production by VM Project (Beomjin J) results in a stunning bmx film. We love the lighting and simplicity of the shoot which is reminiscent of a solar eclipse- hence the the title ‘Byclipse’

Shin Kiwoun ‘CRASH’ series

Kiwoun Shin – Crash Series (VIDEO)

Goldsmiths graduate Kiwoun Shin experimented with HD slow-motion videos for Saatchi Gallery’s ‘New Sensations’ exhibition. Here, he first explored the actor’s mental conflict and desire to then reproduce this desire as a crash in front of his/her eyes.