Exhibition Preview: ‘I’m Deep – What physically remains as time goes by…’

arly October, CSM and Kenji Hirasawa open an exhibition honoring the work of the incredibly talented Deep Lee. Please come and see this wonderful exhibition and find out more about the Deep Lee Award for final year menswear design students an award to encourage younger generations to value and explore craftsmanship.

Brain Teaser, Stephanie Kim

Stephanie Kim – Brain Teaser

‘Brain Teaser’ by Stephanie Kim is a game designed to challenge your sense of visual reasoning, visual perception, and spacial awareness.

Seung-Min Lee Sing Le No More

Seung-Min Lee ft Beyonce – Sing Le no More (

Video mag recently interviewed performance artist and Harvard graduate Seung-Min Lee about fusing modern-day technology and performance art to document and discuss social (r)evolution.

Yoonmi Nam

Yoonmi Nam – Selected Work

A peek at works by Kansas-based Rhode Island School of Design graduate and visual arts professor Yoonmi Nam.

Ji Yeo The Beauty

Ji Yeo – The Beauty

Brooklyn-based artist Ji Yeo shows the ugly side of artificial beauty in her stunning behind-the-scenes doc entitled ‘The Beauty’. A world pre “fantastic plastic”.


At home with Jeongmoon Choi

Have a peek at how online magazine Freunden von Freunden visited the Seoul-born, Berlin-based artist at her home cum studio.