Sun.y.b – Selected Work

Selected photographs from sun.y.b’s flickr portfolio. More:

Hyoin Bae

Places by Hyoin Bae

Another fantastic series by our Contributor Hyoin Bae

Minjin Kang

Minjin Kang – The Grandfather Series (SAIC)

An incredible series by SAIC graduate Minjin Kang about the power of photography as a means to document the passing of time and the strength of emotions.

Sandy Kim

Sandy Kim vs. 2 CHAINZ for Dazed&Confused

Whether you perceive it as just another band portrait or not, there is something about New York-based Sandy Kim’s photography work that makes even the most notorious Southern rappers look like the just gave away some intimate access. That is the by Ryan McGinley very much praised Sandy Kim vs 2CHAINZ for Dazed&Confused.

Daniel Seung Lee

Daniel Seung Lee – Selected work

When we saw an intro to Daniel’s work on Boom!, we had a browse through his portfolio and found a great collection of snapshots encapsulating the force of nature. Whilst rejoicing the beauty of travel memoires, the selection made us want to arrange for a marathon of The Wonder Years or buy E.T. on DVD. Thank you Daniel Seung Lee.

Kyung Woo

Kyung Woo – Decalomania

Busan-based photographer Kyung Woo creates photography of woodlands with a kaleidoscopic twist. LOVE. More:

Jaybe Lee Photographer

Jaybe Lee – Not so still (nature)

It was really when seeing the picture above – the tree in the dune – that the whole world paused. That’s what happened when we were recently told about Los Angeles-based artist Jaybe Lee. Whilst browsing through his portfolio our attention was caught by a selection of photography work inspired by nature.

Hyoin Bae

Hyoin Bae – People pt2

A second pictorial exploration by New York-based photographer and AKA contributor Hyoin Bae. Here, a series of portraits of friends and encounters – ‘People’.

P.S: Happy 4th of July from NYC?

Nina Ahn

Nina Ahn – Selected Work

There are no words to describe the beauty of photographer Nina Ahn’s work. It was hard to condense our choice of favourite snapshots to 24 as we most likely overlooked a thousand of gems on her impressive portfolio on flickr.

Hein-Kuhn Oh

Hein-Kuhn Oh – Itaewon, 1993

Visual impressions of Seoul’s most vibrant and diverse neighbourhood, Itaewon, by photographer Hein-Kuhn Oh in 1993.