Seyna Van Der Linden

Seyna AKA

Seyna Van Der Linden is AKA founder and London Editor, currently living and working in London as a journalist and video producer.


Ronin Cho – Alone Together (VIDEO)

London-based artist Ronin Cho explores the effect of technology on the quality of life. His work ‘Alone Together’, presented at the 2011 New Sensations exhibition for Saatchi, is an electric chair with two translucent cast arms strapped onto it, one of which holds a smartphone. The sculpture has a mobile phone detector, which triggers electrocution. When people around the sculpture use their mobile phones (receiving/sending messages, emails, phone calls), the detector captures the signal and the vibrator starts running as simulating the sound and vibration of the electric execution.

Hein-Kuhn Oh

Hein-Kuhn Oh – Itaewon, 1993

Visual impressions of Seoul’s most vibrant and diverse neighbourhood, Itaewon, by photographer Hein-Kuhn Oh in 1993.

Yeon Ock Lee Pip of the Poles

Yeon Ock Lee – Pip of the Poles

We stumbled upon some crazy good illustrations and books by London-based artist Yeon Ock Lee. Pip of the Poles is by far our favourite story!

Yunho Lee

Yunho Lee – Selected Work

Yet another AKA goes flickr series, where we found these compelling snapshots by Seoul-based photographer Yunho Lee. Above, a selection of our favourite work.

Yina Kim

Yina Kim – The Secret Knots

A great illustration series by San Francisco-based Yina Kim: “I enjoy studying people in public places and create their lives in my head. Even though most of the people I have created are from my imagination, I have a feeling that I know them unconsciously. I believe that everyone is connected in secret knots.”


Caroline Park – Body Cuts

We were baffled by a series of illustrations by Caroline Park, created by combining various image making techniques including cutting and sculpting paper, hand drawn elements and photographic images of human cells.