Younji Ku

Younji Ku
Younji Ku is the AKA head of video. Graduated from Wimbeldon College of Art, Younji now lives and works in London as a video artist.
Younji Ku - Showstudio

Younji Ku – ‘Studs’, a SHOWstudio film

How does fashion relate to gender boundaries? SHOWstudio’s latest fashion film, ‘Studs’, explores the idea of a third gender and its subjects who chose to cross out traditional notions of the sexes.

Yoolhee Ko Antwerp Academy

Yoolhee Ko by Younji Ku

A fashion film for Antwerp Academy graduate Yoolhee Ko by video artist and AKA head of video, Younji Ku. Photography by Soonhyun Che.