Jaybe Lee – Not so still (nature)

Jaybe Lee Photographer
Jaybe Lee artist
Jaybe Lee photohraphy
Jaybe Lee photographer
Jaybe Lee Art and photography

Play the two videos below at the same time for the best results.

It was really when seeing the picture above – the tree in the dune – that the whole world paused. That’s what happened when we were recently told about Los Angeles-based artist Jaybe Lee. Whilst browsing through his portfolio our attention was caught by a portion of the photography work inspired by nature. We’ve chosen a selection accentuating the differences between stills and motion picture to capture nature and its desolate yet energising qualities on the human mind. It is best to play the two videos above together.

View Jaybe Lee’s complete archive of work here: http://www.imjaybe.com

Special thanks to Sae Kim.

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