Minjin Kang – The Grandfather Series (SAIC)

An incredible series by SAIC graduate Minjin Kang about the power of photography as a means to document the passing of time and the strength of emotions.

“When making the “Grandfather” series, I hadn’t realized the power of the camera to convey emotion. When I was about to lose my grandfather to lung cancer, I couldn’t imagine life without him. I wanted to document his life not his illness. Through his friends, I could have a way to remember my grandfather. The reflective nature of slower processes allows me the space to think about what I want to say about the subject matter. In the grandfather series, the time I spent setting up the 4×5 camera and in the darkroom was a specific choice to show the traces of time on their faces. This process represented their history. ”

For more info please contact: minjinjae9@gmail.com

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